While it is almost impossible to disinherit your spouse without his/her written permission.

You may wish to do so because the 2 of you have had a falling out, or due to the fact that your child can supplying for himself, and you want to leave your estate to loved ones who are more in requirement. You’ll desire to take care, though– being disinherited can result in an unhappy child contesting your will.
If you are taking steps to disinherit your offspring, you’ll wish to mention your desire clearly in your Will. This is since the courts do not encourage the disinheriting of kids by parents, and since the law is set up to prevent unintentional disinheritance. If your Will does not specify that you intentionally do not wish to leave anything for your child, he or she might have the ability to contest the validity of the document. Common language utilized in Wills where a kid is disinherited includes:

“I have previously taken care of my kid Sam throughout my lifetime, and have picked to leave absolutely nothing to him in this Will.” Or “I am leaving nothing to my daughter Kate, for factors best known to both of us.”
You’ll likewise desire to ensure that there’s no question that you were mentally qualified and not under any duress or undue influence when you made your Will. These are common grounds for a lawsuit contesting the credibility of a Will, and you do not desire to give disgruntled family member ammo for connecting up your estate. Ask your estate planning attorney what steps you can require to reveal that you willingly and purposefully disinherited your child.