In their story, they initially protected individuals, but then things broke down and individuals asked the popular line. It stands for the concept that no one ought to have complete and overall power. It damages and thus, power needs to be viewed.

In estate planning, a variation of the line is “Who Enjoys the Trustee?”In a Trust, the Trustee’s role is to protect and protect the Trust possessions and invest them for the benefit of the recipients. But, what occurs if the Trustee does not do that? The recipients can take the Trustee to Court, but that’s frequently costly and the outcome of lawsuits is not normally clear ahead of time.
There is something you can do to have somebody view the Trustee. Select a Trust Protector. This is a person who has the power to eliminate the Trustee and/or make modifications to the Trust, if it is needed to do so the Trust Protector does not oversee the day-to-day functions of the Trust. He or she is just there to repair problems that arise.